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CCTV Pebble Stand

CCTV Pebble Stand

As a further enhancement to the popular Pebble HD, the new Pebble Stand gives you increased magnification (3x more) without having to lift your pebble from the reading surface. Its ergonomic design allows you to sit back and read at a more comfortable angle.

  • This new stand allows for a significant increase in Field of View at Low Magnification – almost 3x more visual field!
  • Starting at only 1.9x, you no longer have to lift your Pebble to see more area.
  • This Pebble Stand has an ergonomic 20 degree tilt angle that gives you a more comfortable viewing position.
  • The handle can also be placed straight out or slightly up, depending on your preference.

Simply move over any object you wish to view and you can begin reading!

**Does NOT include Pebble CCTV. Listing is for the stand only**

**Item Ships Directly from the Manufacturer

and Fees Assigned by Manufacturer Are Included in Listed Price**

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