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Prodigy Talking Glucose Meter

Prodigy Talking Glucose Meter

The Prodigy Voice™ is a talking blood glucose monitoring system designed specifically for the blind. Features were developed with the help of the National Blind Association and certified diabetes educators. For anyone who is visually impaired, this monitor offers ease of use and provides accuracy with just a small blood sample of blood. Results are announced clearly and records can be stored with the date and time.


  • No Coding - You will never need to code the meter. Simply insert the test strip and the meter turns on automatically. You get safe accurate test results every time.
  • Totally Audible - The Prodigy® Voice™ will "talk" the user through all set-ups, step-by-step, including audible test results, audible meter status, audible averages, and memory records with date and time.
  • REPEAT Button - Allows the user to check and hear the last message or test result.
  • Set Button - Allows the user to audibly set up all the functions of the meter step-by-step.
  • Easy to Identify Buttons - raised imprints to allow the blind user to easily identify the buttons with a gentle touch.
  • Eject Button - Safely ejects the used test strip with a push upward.
  • Accurate, fast, audible test results in just 6 seconds.
  • Greater Comfort - Prodigy® Voice offers you the option to test with blood from your palms, forearms, upper-arms, thighs and calves, which have fewer nerve endings than your fingertips.
  • Audible Memory and Data Management - Prodigy® Voice can store up to 450 audible test results with date and time, and gives 7, 14, 21, 28, 60, and 90 day audible averages. Prodigy's FREE software allows simple downloading of test results to your computer helping you and your Diabetes healthcare professional to track changes in your blood glucose level over time.
  • Smaller Blood Sample - Prodigy® Voice requires only 0.6 microliter drop of blood – smaller than most meters available today. This allows you to use extra fine gauge lancets and significantly reduce your pain and discomfort.


  • Prodigy Voice unit
  • 10 test strips
  • Low control solution
  • 10 lancets
  • Lancing device
  • Log book
  • Carrying case
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